Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board; A Decorative, Luxury, and Export Product

 Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board is made of beech wood, and alongside complying with standards of an ornamental, splendor, and export product, it is also handmade.

Backgammon roots back to Ancient Iran, in so far as this exhilarating game has been attributed to Bozorgmehr, one of Anoushirvan’s ministers, and is a symbol of Ancient Iranian’s wisdom.

Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board is constituted of two wooden chairs with leather and suede covering and a chess board which remodels with an anticlockwise motion of the board and opens at the right angle with an exquisite hinge, and turns into a Backgammon board.

Dimension and Size of Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board

The Board Features:

Length: 75 centimeters

Width: 39 centimeters

Height: 83 centimeters

Color: white and hazelnut

The Chair Features:

Height: 103 centimeters

Width: 75 centimeters

Seat Height: 48 centimeters

Cover Fabric: leather And Suede

Color: cream, white, and brown

This product is currently manufactured in hazelnut and white colors, images of which can be seen below:

Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board Delivery to All Over the Country and Overseas

If you order this product from inside the country, the product will be shipped with suitable packaging and through reliable shipment in less than a week.

Delivery to Overseas

Customers who purchase this product from abroad can receive their product in either two ways;

  • The product delivery at Iran Airports
  • Th product delivery to destination country (through air transportation) expenses of which such as packaging and transmission would be included in the final product cost through provision of the invoice to the service companies


In the following movie, you can learn how to use Shelfix Chess and Backgammon Board.